Equipment Transmutation Guide
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Here we will give a general explanation about the effects of Transmuting Equipment such as Weapons, Armor etc.. There is a separate section listing all of the Equipment and their ability value in the Equipment section of the guide.

We'll use a basic sword for the demonstration. Be sure to examine the Equipment section for the equipments basic ability values. This transmutation applies the same to ALL Equipment.
NOTE - Runes of the same type cannot be used more than once per transmutation. However, it's not required to use a specific Rune together with equipment to create a better one as long as each rune you use is different.

PDMG = Physical Damage
PA = Physical Attack

'These abbreviations will be explained in more detail in the Equipment section since there are other abbreviations as well.
Equipment ComboEquipment NameTransmute Effect (same for ALL equipment)
Before - Short Sword
DMG 5, PA +3

After - Short Sword ( enhanced )
PDMG 5, PA +3, All +1
1x Short Sword + 3 Different Runes (1x ANY Equipment + 3 Runes)
Upgrading any equipment by means of transmutation adds +1 to all abilities as long as the item is equipped. It is even possible to equip other enhanced gear to add another +1 to all abilities. (1+1+1 = 3 Etc...)

NOTE - If removing any of these enhanced items, ability stats will decrease such as HP, for example, the hero is shorted 1 endurance point. The following abilities will be the abilities affected by the +1 All enhancement:
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