Equipment List
Arm Yourself My Friends!

Here you will find a list of all the Equipment (Arms) available in the game complete with their base abilities and any specific value it may have.

The list will be split into category starting from the Weapons and onto Footwear. From head to toe... here we go!
Abbreviation List

PDMG - Physical Damage
PA - Physical Attack

MA - Magical Attack
CH - Critical Hit Rate
CA - Critical Attack
HP - Health Points
EN - Endurance
DR - Dodge Rate
PR - Physical Resistance
MR - Magical Resistance

*With Enhanced equipment all ability points will be +1, including the stats of the equipment itself.
IconEquipment NameAbility Value
Short DaggerPDMG 5, CH 3
This weapon will give a better chance to do critical damage
Short SwordPDMG 5, PA 3
Physical Attacks can do more damage
Eternity SwordPDMG 10, PA 10
The best Sword in the game once wore by the Legendary Red Warrior doing the most Physical Damage
Short StaffPDMG 1, MA 3
Can't do much Physical Damage with the Staff, but magical attacks will do more damage when using a spell while equipped with this

Light Ragged MitrePR 1, MR 5
This headband has little protection from Physical damage but helps a lot against magical damage done by spells

Light Ragged CapPR 3, MR 3
Medium protection against both Physical damage and Magical damage done by the enemy

Heavy Ragged HelmetPR 5, MR 1
Good protection against Physical damage but not to good against Magical damage
Cry of BloodlustPR 12, MR 8
The best Helmet in the game once wore by the Legendary Red Warrior giving good protection against Physical damage and Magical damage
 Armor or (Armour)
Light Ragged Robe
PR 1, MR 5
This robe is quite useful against Magical damage. Not so good on Physical resistance. If you wanna develop a Mage or Wizard type go with the light stuff since it gives good protection against magic
Light Ragged Armor
PR 3, MR 3
This goes quite well with the Light Ragged Cap adding fair protection against both Magical and Physical attacks.
Heavy Ragged Armor
PR 5, MR 1
If you need to take minimal damage against Physical damage then go with this Heavy ragged stuff!
Dawn of Redemption
PR 12, MR 8
The best Armor in the game. Although only one of each of these cool products in the game, you can don one hero with all the cool goods to make them outstanding warriors!
Wooden Talisman
MA 3, MR 3
Adds extra potential to any magic attack the wearer may use against the enemy and protects against magical damage done to the wearer
Wooden Shield
PR 3, HP 3
Gives some physical resistance along with adding 3 additional health points to the wearer
PR 10, HP 10
Just like the Wooden Shield but much more protective! One of the lost warriors favorite shields
Light Ragged Boots
PR 1, MR 5
As with similar attire, the light blue stuff provides good magical protection when all of the equipment of this type is put on one hero
Leather Ragged Boots
PR 3, MR 3
This type gear could be a good fit if trying to create a quickster type character like a thief or rogue
Heavy Ragged Boots
PR 5, MR 1
A secondary fighter class who needs good physical protection could put on all the heavy stuff.
Treads of Darkness
PR 12, MR 8
The final piece of equipment worn by the legendary Red Warrior! Whoever wears all of this equipment will be a legend in theirself! To become even more of legend, anyone who can have this equipment on with enhancement could be unstoppable!

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