New Game

Left click on a portrait to select that hero. It doesn't matter which Hero you choose as none will have greater starting stats than the other. This is simply to choose the look and name of your Hero if not using the default names.
 Points will be awarded at first start, and when enough experience points are gathered so as you play. You the player will decide what stats should be chosen.

Create your Hero
Edit Hero Name Edit Name Icon -  Click this to change the name of your Hero. You can input up to 15 characters for your hero name.
Save Name Save Name Icon -  Click the save disk to save your new name or just press ENTER.
Selected HeroSelected HeroHero Not Selected Unselected Hero
Once you have selected 4 Heroes and named them, you should be transported to the start of the dungeon where your quest will begin as shown below.
We'll detail the ( Game Interface ) in the Game Content section

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