Game Interface
NOTE - The game includes Bubble Help. The player can hover their mouse over items, equipment and such to have a description of it pop up.

This area displays the Hero Portrait and also shows if Hero has made enough Experience to increase their stats.
RED Bar beside the Hero indicates Health Points [HP]
YELLOW Bar beside the Hero indicates Endurance [EN]

This displays when the Hero has gained enough experience to increase their stats using ability points.
When starting a ( New Game ) the player will see this available for all 4 Heroes to define their starting points.
Ability Points will be covered in the section ( Hero Stats )

This displays the movement arrow buttons. Clicking on these will move Heroes in that direction.
A detailed description of movement keys can be found in the section ( Shortcut Keys )

This area includes the four main sections of the game.
When available clicking this brings up the automap. ( M )
Clicking this button will bring up the Journey log. ( J )
Clicking this will bring up the inventory screen and player Stats. ( I )
Clicking on this allows the Heroes to try and run from Battle
Clicking on this will allow the Heroes to Camp and restore [HP] and [ED]
Main View

This area displays the 7x7 visible Map area.
This area is only available upon finding the Magic Map Scroll.
Main Menu