Special Quest Item Secrets
Quest Item Secrets
Dungeon Heroes has three secret puzzles to be solved, two of which are required in order to continue on with your adventure. These puzzles require Quest Items in order to solve the puzzles.

Secret 1 is to obtain at least 2 Bones from the Mummies and place them into a box near a wall blocking the path.

Secret 2 is to obtain all 6 Bones from the Mummy and place them ALL  into the box near a wall blocking the path to open up a different path.
Here is the riddle associated with The Bones:
"Writing on the top of the chest says: 'Draw your swords and let the blood of your enemies flow like a river. The more you sacrifice, the more you get'"
BonesItem Type Needed - Required?Solution
2x Bones - YESWhen you reach the treasure box way into the game that has the riddle written on it, collect all of the items inside, then place at least 2 of those Bones back into the chest to open up the path before you.
6x Bones - NOPlacing all 6 of the bones into the treasure box will open a different path before you giving you access to the legendary Boots in a chest beyond.
Secret 3 is to find and collect the colored crystals that are inside the walls, then place them into their proper slots to open the final section of the game.

To solve the puzzle, emphasize the clue; Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Simply reverse the clue and you have your solution; GreenYellowBlue and Red.

So starting from the North wall grab those crystals! Or just grab them as you so choose but follow the solution placement to open up the final section hidden away!
Here is the riddle associated with The Crystals:
"We heard a strange voice whisper to us these very words: 'Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. If mystery is reflected then the truth will be seen'"
CrystalItem Type Needed - Required?Solution

Original Placement of Crystals

Solution Placement of Crystals
Red Crystal - YESSwap this Red one with the Green one
Blue Crystal - YESSwap this Blue one with the Yellow one
Yellow Crystal - YESSwap this Yellow one with the Blue one
Green Crystal - YESSwap this Green one with the Red one
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