Non Player Characters

Entity - Friend not Foe!

This guy will be your guide and friend throughout the dungeon. He will aid you, give you information and help you get to where you are going. He is just a lost entity and was banished to the dark dungeon many moons ago. He had a wife in his previous life, but lost her to the dungeon the heroes seek to escape from. He has accepted his fate, and will be there if and when the heroes may need his service.

Dwarf Brother - Big Brother!

Two Dwarven brothers were also lost in the depths of the dungeon. Into the game you will meet them. The first time you meet Big Bro, he will tell you about his struggle and how he was separated from his Little Bro. A quest of the two brothers will also be in your future. You may also be rewarded if choosing to do good. Big bro may just decide to make his new home inside the dungeon once he regroups with his sibling.

Dwarf Brother's Brother - Lost Bro!

This is little bro! Him and his brother was struggling with something evil within the dungeon depths. They were both approached by something that gave them trouble! Little bro was captured by some monsters and separated from his only family and can't find his way back. You may even get the chance to help out! Little bro will be lost forever if something doesn't become of his freedom!

Legendary Red Warrior! - Neutral Guy Now!

Does he look familiar? Well, he is a boss in the game, and all of the equipment of legend once belonged to this Undead figure! The warrior finally met his match when something of a soul sucking stature arose from the catacombs.A struggling fight between the warrior and a mighty soul beast finally bested the great warrior.

Now, since he has lost everything, he will do what he can in his crippled Undead form to recapture his soul! The heroes may be able to help the legendary guy to help him rest at ease knowing his fight was not in vein. Every story has a mighty tale to tell, and the Red Warrior is just that. Hopefully there will be justice given to this fine hero who was once a great legend!

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