Shortcut Keys
Saving on the Go Shortcut Keys
- Quick Save - F5
- Quick Load - F9

Dungeon Heroes has a turn based combat system that allows you to take your time and plan your tactics before you attack. There are many attributes affecting combat. A detailed description of combat keys can be used in game.

- Keys 1 - 5 can be used to control main combat abilities
- 1 - Physical Attack - The active Hero will use their equipped weapon to do physical attacks against the enemy. There is a chance, however, that the enemy will dodge the attack.
- 2 - Magic Attack - The player will choose one of the available spells from the list. There are 9 spells available, each with a different power or effect. There is a chance, however, that the enemy can dodge the attack.
- 3 - Drink a Potion - The player will choose a potion to be drank which will refill health or endurance points.
- 4 - Skip Turn - The active Hero will skip his action in for that round
- 5 - Escape Combat - The party will attempt to run from combat. Heroes may only try to escape once during the entire encounter with the enemy. It is easier to escape from weaker enemies.

These keys are used when inside the Main Game Interface

- Left Mouse - Clicking the left mouse button on a Hero Portrait opens inventory to that Hero
- Keys 1 - 4 - Used to enter the inventory screen for chosen Hero

- C - Camp - When Camping, if successful, the party of Heroes will regain all of their lost HP and EN. It's best to find a safe corridor before camping, otherwise Heroes may encounter the enemy!
- M - Map - When the map scroll is found, the player will be able to see a minimap on screen which will activate automapping. A new 7x7 area that is already mapped out will appear.
- I - Inventory - Brings up the Inventory screen to whichever Hero was being viewed last.
- J - Journal - This will display an in-game page showing what important information was given along the way.

In Addition to the On Screen Movement Buttons available on the main play screen, there are shortcut keys as well.

- Q = Turn Left
- W = Move Forward
- E = Turn Right
- A = Strife Left
- S = Move Back
- D = Strife Right

- LEFT = Turn Left
- UP = Move Forward
- RIGHT = Turn Right
- CTRL = Strife Left
- DOWN = Move Back
- NUMB0 = Strife Right

While the inventory and player abilities screen is open, there are some keys for navigating quicker.

- LEFT, RIGHT A, D - Used to change the active Hero on the inventory screen
- Right Mouse - Right clicking on a piece of gear will Equip the selected Hero with that equipment
- Right Mouse - Right clicking on Runes, Spells and Potions will transfer it to transmutor
- Middle Mouse - Clicking on a Potion with the Middle Mouse button will let the selected Hero drink that potion
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