Inventory Screen - Hero Stats
NOTE - The game includes Bubble Help. The player can hover their mouse over items, equipment and such to have a description of it pop up.

This is the Hero stats display. It displays the Heroes name, their ability points, unspent ability points and also displays a Heroes total stats which includes any additional temporary stats increase provided by Equipment or magical enhancement.

Physical Damage is measured by a Heroes Strength

The ability to make critical hits
and the dodge rate of the hero

A better Speed will allow a Hero to get their turn in battle before any other 

Stamina effects how many Health Points [HP] a Hero will get and allows for lesser damage to be taken by Physical Attacks

A Heroes Intelligence determines how much damage a Magical Attack [MA] will do to an enemy or resistance to

Wisdom will give better resistance to Magical Attacks from enemies

Unspent points
These points can be given to a Heroes Ability Stats to increase their power. Heroes start with 0 points at the start of the game but will be given 5 each to distribute upon a new game. An additional 3 Points are awarded when a Hero has made it to the next level. Press the + button beside the stat to increase that stat

Take some time to hover over the remaining abilities with the cursor to see what that statistic does. Let's describe the abbreviations below:
[PA] - Physical Attack
[MA] - Magical Attack
[CH] - Critical Hit Rate
[CA] Critical Attack
[HP] Health Points

[EN] - Endurance
[DR] - Dodge Rate
[PR] - Physical Resistance
[MR] - Magical Resistance