Battle Interface
NOTE - The game includes Bubble Help. The player can hover their mouse over items, equipment and such to have a description of it pop up.

In this area you can choose what to do in battle. Clicking on the Magic or Potion icon will bring up area B
The Sword icon will initiate a physical attack. An icon representing the type weapon equipped will show while hovering over
This is the Use Magic icon. After clicking on this the sub-section B will show
To restore health or stamina click on this Potion button. Sub-section B will show
This action allows that current hero to skip their turn. This may also be mandatory if a heroes health and/or stamina is below 0 in which there is no other option
This area pops up when the player selects to use magic or drink a potion. It should display all of the spells you have along with how many of them you can use or how many potions and what type are available.

Clicking on this icon will give your party one chance to flee battle just in case it was unexpected or the heroes were not ready enough. Take note that being able to escape the enemy is determined by the enemies attribute.

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